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Re: scim-libs not signed error when using yum??

For Jens:

Please set "gpgcheck=0" in the appropriate repos file in

I already had gpgcheck=0 in all files under yum.repos.d directory. But the error remained.
It seems that to get yum working with the "localupdate" flag it is also necessary to change
the /etc/yum.conf file setting gpgcheck=0 there. After changing it, it worked out.
Thanks for the suggestion about the way to follow.
The doubt about correct use of "localupdate" still remains for a production system yet....

For Raul:
>>Not sure what you mean here.
I mean that I use rsync command on one system; then in the other one (virtual machine)
I mount the RPMS directory via nfs and use yum using the flag "localupdate" and specifying
*rpm for all packages contained. In this way yum should use local rpm files without downloading, and download eventually
only files that are missing from the local *rpm list and that are necessary for dependencies.

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