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gnome / xorg / nautilus / cairo / freetype desktop rendering slow


I do not know for which package to write a bug, cause...

I've a very bad and slow desktop rendering speed with the latest GNOME and nautilus rawhide. Moving a little gnome-terminal window is bumpy, when I switch to another workspace, the whole gnome desktop gets freezed, only the background is displayed, no icons and a delay for ca. 3-5 sec comes to the screen, where i cannot do anything with a mouse click response. I had this in the past only with the firefox pop-ups, but now with the whole gnome desktop.

This happened with the nv (xorg) and the nVidia GFX driver, with agpgart or the nvida nvagp, with Fedora rawhide kernel and a vanilla, but *only* under the gnome desktop. With KDE all is fast and smooth, except firefox and thunderbird is again slow rendering fonts and bad displayed.

I've tried to turn off sub-pixel-rendering for my Dell notebook with a Geforce 6800 Go, played with hinting, then with the bytecode-interpreter enabled, but under gnome all is slow again. Then I've tried to compare ftbench benchs, no reason found. Then x11perf, also no really spped diffenrence found. All logs show no errors.

Anybody know, what the reason can be? Is it cairo, the font rendering from freetype, gtk2 or nautilus? I really do not know, where to go ahead. :-(


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