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Re: gnome / xorg / nautilus / cairo / freetype desktop rendering slow

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 10:02 +0100, Marcus Hartig wrote:
> Hello,
> I do not know for which package to write a bug, cause...
> I've a very bad and slow desktop rendering speed with the latest GNOME 
> and nautilus rawhide. Moving a little gnome-terminal window is bumpy, 
> when I switch to another workspace, the whole gnome desktop gets 
> freezed, only the background is displayed, no icons and a delay for ca. 
> 3-5 sec comes to the screen, where i cannot do anything with a mouse 
> click response. I had this in the past only with the firefox pop-ups, 
> but now with the whole gnome desktop.
> This happened with the nv (xorg) and the nVidia GFX driver, with agpgart 
> or the nvida nvagp, with Fedora rawhide kernel and a vanilla, but *only* 
> under the gnome desktop. With KDE all is fast and smooth, except firefox 
> and thunderbird is again slow rendering fonts and bad displayed.
> I've tried to turn off sub-pixel-rendering for my Dell notebook with a 
> Geforce 6800 Go, played with hinting, then with the bytecode-interpreter 
> enabled, but under gnome all is slow again.
> Then I've tried to compare ftbench benchs, no reason found. Then 
> x11perf, also no really spped diffenrence found. All logs show no errors.
> Anybody know, what the reason can be? Is it cairo, the font rendering 
> from freetype, gtk2 or nautilus? I really do not know, where to go 
> ahead. :-(

Hmmm, I've noticed this too, and I'm also using the nv driver with and
GeForce 6800 Go chipset in a Dell laptop.  This only happened very
recently (maybe last nights update).

I'm also unable to get better than 1600x1200 resolution on my 1920x1200

"It's a fine line between denial and faith.
 It's much better on my side"

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