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Re: Too much time wasted installing fedora on raid1

Replying to Arjan van de Ven:
> > Because it _is_ brand spanking new (and thus unclean from a RAID point
> > of view)?
> but.. it might as well be marked clean. there's no information in
> never-used parts of the disk after all... so why sync it instead of
> pretending it's synced perfectly fine....

raid1 means that contents of both mirrors are exactly the same. Just
after creation, this is obviously not true. Linux MD implementation
solving this problem by synching it.

Other solution may be to store list of written blocks and do something
with this, but, I think this isn't reliable/scalable.

Anyway, as I said previously, root volume reconstruction can happily
continue after firstboot (and second boot too), but inconsistency in
/boot making system unbootable.

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff Jr // http://stingr.net/key <- my pgp key
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