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Fedora Core 5 Test 2 slipping until January 16

Thanks for sweetening the news with the fun lyrics!

Either way for what its worth, I would rather a little extra time be taken to get
these releases working well rather than rushing to push out something on time which had
serious bugs remaining to cause significant problems -

In the end the system will be cutting edge but also a very fine operating system.

Best wishes

Jesse Keating wrote:

Broken deps still there
Making testing fun
We really thing we need to test
for another month!

Oh, software sucks,
Software sucks,
Software really sucks!

Oh what fun it is to slip our release for a month!

Oh What Fun It Is To Slip Our Release For A Monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnth!!!

Ok, it won't be a full month, but due to the recent upgrade of gcc and
the subsequent full rebuild of everything that does (and doesn't,
whoops!) get built with gcc, including java stuff with gcj, and the need
to further test package selection windows in Anaconda,
system-config-packages for upgrades, and the development tree in general
once we settle down the rebuilds, we have decided to delay test2. Here
is a new schedule that we will be working toward:

* Test2 freeze date to 9 January
* Test2 release, 16 January
* Test3 freeze, 6 February
* Test3 release, 13 February
* Final absolute freeze, 6 March
* Release, 15 March

We are going to try very hard to have a stable(ish) tree suitable for
testing over the holidays, so that Test2 will be better for the slip and
keep us in line with getting Test3 and eventually the final release out
in the best shape possible.

Thank you all for your hard work in helping us develop the best
distribution we can!

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora


mike cohler

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