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Re: yum downloads need revamping

On 12/20/05, Otto Haliburton <ottohaliburton comcast net> wrote:
> well, i can agree with you if fedora was a production system, as far as
> I know it is a development system and the object is to select a complete
> download,

Pretty sure noone sane thinks an "everything" install is a good idea.
But you are free to continue to attempt them.

>and I guess you must pay the penalty for that, the problem
> also occurs with the kde update too.  I think that there should be a
> solution that allows you to select.

As much as I hate agreeing with Steenholdt.. and let me assure you i
hate having to do it it... i have to agree with him on this, because
of the way the language packages for openoffice are packaged you can't
avoid updating the langpacks at all.

I think you have a poor understanding of how package dependancies
work. So let me take a moment to step through what is going on here. 
In the case of the openoffice language packages the dependancy is
versioned so that language packages are tied to a specific version of
openoffice. You can not selectively choose which language packages to
update without breaking dependancies. Yum is not going to be
re-designed to let you break dependancies to avoid updating language
packages...forget you ever had the thought.

Example.. on fc4 right now:
repoquery --requires openoffice.org-langpack-he_IL
openoffice.org-core = 1:2.0.1-143.2.1   <------ VERSIONED DEPENDANCY
same thing on rawhide too:
repoquery --repoid=development --requires openoffice.org-langpack-he_IL
openoffice.org-core = 1:

Back on that fc4 system, if I have the package
openoffice.org-langpack-he_IL installed and I want to update 
openoffice.org-core to version 2.0.1-143.2.1 the dependancy situation
demands that I also update the language package. Yum isn't going to
allow you to delibrately break explicit dependancy chains... no way...
no how.


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