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Re: yum downloads need revamping

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

As much as I hate agreeing with Steenholdt.. and let me assure you i
hate having to do it it... i have to agree with him on this, because
of the way the language packages for openoffice are packaged you can't
avoid updating the langpacks at all.
The way I have been using openoffice is to do a "yum remove openoffice.org-langpack*"
and since I am only in need of English this saves a huge set of downloads whenever openoffice is updated.
Hence this one command helps a lot for future updates.
Of course if you needed a specific langauge support then you could follow the above with
yum install openoffice.org-langpack-he_IL
or whatever you need - this is still a great saving in dowload time/space and update time/space compared to leaving everything in your system even if you don;t need it.
Hence even if everything else is downloaded at install you can make the above change and still be efficient for updates.
Jeff has already hinted at this in a previous posting on this topic.

A similar trick can be played concerning kde-i18n-* again in my case I keep kde-i18n-British but remove the other language support rpms via yum remove.
I would imagine that most people would need only 1 or possibly a few language support files on any single machine?



mike cohler

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