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Re: Everything installs (was: yum downloads need revamping)

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 10:48 -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On 12/20/05, Otto Haliburton <ottohaliburton comcast net> wrote:
> > well, i can agree with you if fedora was a production system, as far as
> > I know it is a development system and the object is to select a complete
> > download,
> Pretty sure noone sane thinks an "everything" install is a good idea.
> But you are free to continue to attempt them.

For a "production" box (server) that is performing some defined task(s),
I agree that "everything" is a bad idea.

For a "power user"/developer box, I don't see any problem with an
"everything" install. Hard disk space is cheap and you can find some
cool apps you may not have found otherwise.

Additionally, I can recall some situations where an application
dynamically gets extra functionality and features if other *addon* or
*plugin* packages get installed.

For example, unless you have "kdeaddons" RPM installed the Konqueror
browser doesn't have the ability to save a web page offline in a
tarball. The menu item doesn't show up at all, what a mystery for
someone not familiar with low level KDE interactions. When I discovered
this a couple years ago the only way to get the "kdeaddons" RPMs
installed during installation was via an "everything" install. Possibly
this has changed now.

Personally, I prefer an "Mostly english-only everything install" on my
personal boxes. I do an "everything" install, and first thing after the
install finishes I run:

# trim some fat (1.1GB worth)
rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep ^openoffice.org-langpack` #  600MB
rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep ^kde-i18n` # 400MB
rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep -E ^man-pages-[[:alpha:]]` # 100MB

This may be helpful to the original poster.

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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