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YUM repository precedence RFE


I'm suggesting an enhancement to yum so that one could configure "priorities" 
or a "precedence" (preference) order for multiple repositories.  For example, 
I could say that I want packages from repo Y to be used even if there are 
newer versions in repo X.

This would allow one to build customized repos that only contain the small 
subset of packages that need customization, even if those packages exist in 
the base repo, Fedora Extras, Dag, etc.  I think that this will make it 
easier to deal with building and maintaining local-use mirrors, like I have 
at home, as well as other more widely used mirrors (like kde-redhat, for 

The implementation should be very simple.  If the "precedence" variable exists 
in the .repo file, use that number to sort out which repo's packages to use 
in cases where there is duplication.

Lamont R. Peterson <lamont gurulabs com>
Senior Instructor
Guru Labs, L.C. [ http://www.GuruLabs.com/ ]

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