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Re: yum downloads need revamping

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 08:52 -0600, Otto Haliburton wrote:
> i.e. downloading openoffice downloads all language flavors 

The older 1.1.X openoffice rpms came with an "i18n" package which
contained all the languages known to OOo. The 2.0.X language support was
split into separate language rpms. If you upgraded from i18n to 2.0.0
the i18n package was Obsoleted by the pile of new langpack rpms. Because
there was no way to know which languages from the i18n pack were
actually wanted, the only solution was to make all the langpacks
obsolete it, that may have led you astray here ?

If you installed OOo from scratch and selected only the required
langpacks, or upgraded from i18n and then rpm --erased the unwanted
langpacks then subsequent yum updates should not (and don't for me)
download and install the unnecessary langpacks.


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