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Re: Plan for the Holidays

Please, fix the evolution-data-server conflict and I'll be able to
install Gnome in my shiny new RawHide box.

I need MS Exchange connectivity at work so I will be testing this.

I plan to give Apache and PHP a spin too.

Merry hacking to all of you!


El mar, 20-12-2005 a las 15:43 -0800, Jesse Keating escribió:
> With the holidays upcoming, I plan to get the devel tree as broken-dep
> free as possible.  This includes the foo-kernel packages.  I'll be
> trying to keep those in sync with the new kernels that are pushed into
> rawhide.  A lot of folks will have time off over the next couple weeks
> and if they choose to test stuff I'd like it to be as easy as possible.
> That said, I think it would be good for developers to post what
> specifically they think should be tested during this time.  What
> components do we need some extra eyes on as we approach test2 freeze?
> Off the top of my head, we need the java stack tested, and that is a
> pretty big thing.  Also the functionality of your favorite apps is a
> good thing to target, given that everything has been rebuilt with the
> new gcc.
> So Developers?  What would you like the masses to test?
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