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Re: Radeon driver hang

Erwin Rol wrote:
Hey all,

I added Benjamin's patch to the ati driver SRPM to test if it works, and
for me it seems to work, my machine doesn't hard hang anymore.

If you want to try it out the SRPM can be found here;

As a good general guideline, if you make a custom version of a package
that Red Hat ships, and bump the release number, it is a very good idea
to also namespace it specially to not conflict with future official
Red Hat package version/releases.  It also helps to make it more clear
that it is not an official Red Hat build when looking at the output
of rpm -q et al.

What I do for personal custom builds of packages, is namespace them with
".mharris.n" ie:  xorg-x11-drv-ati-6.5.7-1.mharris.1.src.rpm

Let's me know this was based on the official Red Hat -1 package, and it
is my first custom build.  If I need to rebuild, it would become .2 on
the end, etc.

Just thought I'd suggest that, as it's a generally good idea. ;)

I wouldn't worry about it for this one now tho, as a new Radeon driver
version is about to hit rawhide.

Mike A. Harris, Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
Proud to be Canadian.

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