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Re: rawhide report: 20051221 changes - X server removed

Enrico Scholz wrote:
mharris mharris ca ("Mike A. Harris") writes:

Yeah, after much debate, we decided to move X into Fedora Extras instead
of keeping it in core.  However, everyone is going on holidays for 2
weeks, so it wont show up in Extras probably until mid January or so.

As an interim workaround, the Linux console can be pretty handy at
times though.

Nice to hear. Should solve the one-installation CD problem. And with
some optimisations (go back to gcc-2.7 and libc5), we can solve the
live-diskette problem too.

That's actually not planned to happen until FC6, as the a.out
support is a bit too rough around the edges currently.  Also,
it's dependent on features in the 1.2.14 kernel which hasn't
yet been released.  (DRM integration issues, etc.)

Mike A. Harris, Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
Proud to be Canadian.

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