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Re: something's uninstalling the sun jre, again

On 12/22/05, Marcus Hartig <m f h web de> wrote:
> Warren, which Java (Version) package do you recommend for Fedora, that I
> must no edit all the symlinks in /etc/alternatives? I'm aiming to use
> opencms 6.03 with tomcat, apache, firefox (java plugin) and need opencms
> for a new job next year. :-)

Isn't this answered in the release notes?
>From the fc5t1 and  fc4 release notes:
Java Package Recommendations

Fedora Core Whatever users are advised not to use the Java RPM
provided by Sun. It contains Provides that conflict with names used in
packages provided as part of Fedora Core Whatever. Because of this,
Sun Java might disappear from an installed system during package
upgrade operations.

Fedora Core Whatever users should use either the RPM from jpackage.org
or manually install the Sun Java tarball into /opt. Sun Java 1.5+ is
recommended for stability purposes.


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