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Re: kde-redhat differences

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 08:49 -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:

That's what we do with the kde-redhat packaging. We package kdelibs-apidocs separately as noarch.

interesting. Can you describe how the kde-redhat rpms are different from
the fedora supplied ones? Is it only a different theme or are there more
fundamental differences?

In general:
* Compatible (ie, buildable) on/for fc3, fc4, rh9, el3, el4 (we're using mock now, yay)
* Adds back most pieces redhat (purposely or not) omits
* All(most?) pkgs support freedesktop.org icon spec, ie, touch top-level icon dir on install, be nice to gtk/gnome apps and run gtk-udpate-icon-cache (even though this should be, IMO, automatic, see bz
* Same default (Bluecurve) theme, only slightly different defaults
* Includes additional features provided by FE and livna pkgs, modularized as addon subpkgs when possible (still a bit more work to do here)
* Aggressive stomping of libtool dependancy bloat
* All pkgs built with standard ./configure opts:
  --disable-rpath \
  --disable-gcc-hidden-visibility \
  --enable-new-ldflags \
  --disable-debug --disable-warnings \
  --disable-dependancy-tracking --enable-final

Specific differences (mostly off the top of my head):
* qt:
use qt-copy (from kde svn), includes many patches not yet accepted upstream. make $QTDIR/doc a symlink, instead of a directory containing a bunch of other symlinks
* kde-i18n: provide/support all languages
* kdeartwork:
  -icons: noarch subpkg
  -icons: don't rename Locolor to locolor
* kdebase
  dbus-qt support (fc3,fc4,el4 only)
  enables "Start New Session" multiuser feature
* kdebindings:
-dcopperl: perl-DCOP bindings subpkg (because kdesdk depends on it, no need to pull in *all* of kdebindings just for this)
  --with-java (FIXME/TODO: make java bits a subpkg)
* kdegraphics:
  BR: freeglut-devel (for kpovmodeler)
  BR: lcms-devel
  BR: jasper-devel
* kdelibs:
  -apidocs: noarch subpkg
  BR: jasper-devel, --with-jasper
  BR: lua, --with-lua
  BR: OpenEXR-devel, --with-openexr
  BR: mDNSResponder, zeroconf support (sorry, not submitted to FE yet)
-menus: optional XDG menus replacement of redhat-menus, providing KDE's default menus (overrides via XDG_CONFIG_DIRS env variable). /etc/profile.d/kde.(sh|csh): includes optional KDE_ env variables for tweakers: KDE_IS_PRELINKED (on), KDE_FORK_SLAVES (off), KDE_MALLOC (off), KDE_NO_IPV6 (off), GLIBC_FORCE_NEW (off), XDG_CONFIG_DIRS
* kdemultimedia:
  -extras: extra bits enabled via FE addons (see bz #176288)
  -nonfree: bits enabled via livna addons
* kdenetwork: BR: openslp-devel, --with-openslp
* kdepim:
  BR: gnokii-devel, --with-gnokii
BR: gpgme-devel, --with-gpg=%{_bindir}/gpg, --with-gpgsm=%{_bindir}/gpgsm (bz #136533)
  BR: libmal-devel (bz #172140), --with-mal

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