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Re: Too much time wasted installing fedora on raid1

Alan Cox wrote:
Its a neccessary part of RAID because duplicating raid functionality in every file system would be incredibly inefficient and lead to a lot of code duplication and bug. Its also neccessary because the raid functionality may
not even be on the same host as the file system.
   Seen the RAID-Z system in Solaris 10?


   Or the Write Anywhere Filesystem used by Netfilter?


It's clear that you can get better performance and reliability by codesigning a filesystem with the block layer. I think of the difference between old-school Unix (KISS) and System 370: do you build a system that's simple and clean, or do you take the extra effort to maximize performance. Sun can afford to do this because it isn't wasting energy on maintaining 30 filesystems that almost work, but rather focusing on one that does.

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