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Re: KDE 3.5

Eric Tanguy wrote:
I would like to know why this version was pushed directly in FC-4 and
not in update-testing before. This would avoid the problem with k3b!!
Now we have to wait a k3b update to make it run. Thanks

Anybody feel free to kick in and correct me if i'm wrong here, but...

I believe it's been mentioned on this list somewhere before, that updates-testing is probably not getting the attention (it should?) from a wide variety of testers. My feeling is that updates-testing is *mostly* being used by people who have a bugzilla for productX and needs to test if their bug has gone away and stuff like this. This may or may not be intentional (or even true), but that's what I seem to recall from previous discussions.

If it had been in updates-testing, would you have taken the time to seriously and thoroughly testing it?

If yes, then it's too bad it didn't go to updates-testing, if not it wouldn't have helped much. With a limited number of people using updates-testing, some weird bug was probably going to make it through anyway.

Anyway, hope this helps in some way.


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