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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in

Gianluca Sforna wrote:

Hi all,
is this announce from Fluendo referenced here:
already being discussed at Fedora Legal?

It would be really nice to finally have mp3 support OUTB in Fedora.
Thats what I thought too initially but unfortunately it doesnt change the Free software situation even a tiny bit and consequently Fedora probably wont ship this plugin. see http://www.fluendo.com/resources/fluendo_mp3.php.

"If you are living in a country where the mp3 patents don't apply you can of course use the source code provided by Fluendo (or anyone else) to get legal mp3 support onto your Unix/GNU/Linux desktop."

If you want mp3 support in a region where software patents are enforced you could use any recent version of RealPlayer or you can buy a proprietary plugin from Fluendo and all your gstreamer enabled application would potentially work seamlessly. Since gstreamer is sort of the Free desktop standard with GNOME and increasingly KDE and many other applications using it, this might be good news for them.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and all opinions expressed by me have so far are my own.

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