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Re: KDE 3.5


Some bugs could have been fixed before pushing packages to updates-released (for instance #176045).

Maybe. If you are trying out updates-testing, in addition to filing bug reports you can post your feedback to the fedora-test list for peer views. Bugzilla is sort of this direct reporter <-> developer feedback which can sometimes go into a blackhole. If you dont get feedback on bugzilla, dont hesitate to followup on the fedora-test list as appropriate. If you think there are blocker bugs let us know. We asked the community to report bugs when they see problems and many of them dutifully do so but unfortunately many of them are duplicates, dont contain required information, invalid bugs etc. So we need more of the community to be on *receiving* end now and those dont have to be developers or requires any coding knowledge at all in many cases. We dont have much people going through the bugs and triaging them and getting back feedback to users. Red Hat is in the process of hiring a full time Fedora triager among other things to improve the QA process but meanwhile rest of the community could organize and do regular bug days and triaging. We started out this effort recently at http://fedorproject.org/wiki/BugZappers. Not much traction yet after the initial efforts though.

KDE 3.5 update made a really BAD impression on users (at least on forum.fedora.pl) -- problems with system update, gaim crash, k3b crash and so on. Some of them start to believe that Fedora is not stable or they stop to update systems :/

Such situations should be avoided in the future because they ruin good Fedora's reputation. Loosing users is the worst thing that can happen...

Fully agreed on that but like I said it requires more community participation now. No magic bullers there.

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