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The ncurses package has been upgraded to the latest upstream 
version 5.5. Tested in FEDORA CORE 4 (less, vim, emacs, screen, ...
(without app-rebuild)).

dickey invisible-island net:

This release is designed to be upward compatible from ncurses 5.0
through 5.4; very  few  applications  will  require  recompilation,
depending on the platform. These are the highlights from the
change-log since ncurses 5.4 release.

Interface changes:
     * terminfo installs "xterm-new" as "xterm" entry rather than
       "xterm-old" (aka xterm-r6).
     * terminfo  data is installed using the tic -x option (few systems
       still use ncurses 4.2).
     * modify C++ binding to work with newer C++ compilers by providing
       initializers and using  modern casts. Old-style header names are
       still used in this release to allow compiling with not-so-old
     * modify parameter type in c++ binding for insch() and mvwinsch()
       to be  consistent  with  underlying  ncurses  library  (was 
       char, is chtype).
     * change NCursesWindow::err_handler() to a virtual function.
     * form and menu libraries now work with wide-character data.
       Applications which bypassed the form library and manipulated the
       FIELD.buf data directly will not work properly with libformw,
       since that no longer points to an array of char. The
       set_field_buffer() and field_buffer() functions translate to/from
       the actual field data.
     * add symbol to curses.h which can be used to suppress include of
       stdbool.h, e.g.,
                #define NCURSES_ENABLE_STDBOOL_H 0
                #include <curses.h>

     * change SP->_current_attr to a pointer, adjust ifdef's to ensure
       that libtinfo.so and libtinfow.so have the same ABI. The reason
       for this is that the corresponding data which belongs to the
       upper-level ncurses library has a different size in each model.
     * winnstr() now returns multibyte character strings for the
       wide-character configuration.
     * assume_default_colors() no longer requires that
       use_default_colors() be called first.
     * data_ahead() now works with wide-characters.
     * slk_set() and slk_wset() now accept and store multibyte  or
       multicolumn characters.
     * start_color() now returns OK if colors have already been started.
       start_color() also returns ERR if it cannot allocate memory.
     * pair_content() now returns -1 for consistency with init_pair() if
       it corresponds to the default-color.
     * unctrl() now returns null if its parameter does not correspond to
       an unsigned char.

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