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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in


Red Hat can sign a redistribution contract with Fluendo that allows them
to also rebuild this source code into binaries to which Fluendo's patent
license applies.

Yes. The requirement to sign up agreements with Fluendo is important here. We can choose to do that for RHEL but its a believe its a compromise to make one of the primary design principles of Fedora.

Also keep the following in mind; the MIT license was specifically chosen
because it contains no specific language about patents, like the GPL
does.  You will find that all other mp3 decoding projects have chosen
the GPL.  Some of them did so because they know the GPL presents
problems when it comes to patents, thus providing incentive to people
who want to use their software to pay for an alternate license.  This is
one of the ways one can make money off of writing GPL software :)
Yes. it is. Congrats on figuring out a Free software business model. The situation seems to be a bit more trickier than my understanding of it. I guess we need to call up the lawyers again to understand this more clearly.

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