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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Need and want... are two very different words.  I really don't know
how important it is that the full tree be rebuildable without
additional constraint placed on the downstream rebuilder. I think
trademark policy as it stands makes that a very poorly defined goal. So what if a rebuilder has to exclude this mp3 codec plugin when rebuilding. He has to to exclude the fedora-logos package as well. Excluding this one package as a rebuilder is nothing compared to the
pain of replacing the trademarked logos inside packages.

But you can do it (CentOS does)
That's the whole point. To be allowed to take Fedora Core and do something else with it, if you disagree with Red Hat policies.

This proposal OTOH is pretty much your take it or leave it traditional closed software offer.

Nicolas Mailhot

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