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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On 12/23/05, Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
> > Also, this solution is GPL-incompatible, meaning we
> > can't integrate this plugin with GPL software.
> who cares.... we have lots of GPL incompatible code in Fedora. I don't
> even know why you bring this up. gst is LGPL and we are talking about
> a runtime detected plugin to gst.
> -jef
This affects the players, too.  Theoretically, by law, we could not use
this plugin with Rhythmbox, but we could with Totem.  Our use of
GPL-incompatible code is really something we need to watch carefully, as
there is also room for legal interpretation on this matter.  I'll leave
those determinations to RH legal, though.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

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