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Re: VMWare tools on Fedora Core 5

 --- "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com> escribió:
> I was under the impression that the VMWare tools
> also include support
> for DMA to hard disk, which drops the CPU load
> considerably on my box,
> and also better networking support in the pcnet32
> driver.  (I am only
> running 5.5.0 right now, so I don't know about
> 5.5.1.)  I don't know how
> to solve the g-v-m problem; I manually mounted the
> CD instead to install
> the tools, and restarted g-v-m after installing the
> tools.

Hi Paul,

So you managed to install the tools? How did that go?
is it working good for you? did you see any indication
of the progress? I just see that g-v-m crashes but
other than that I don't see that VMWare tool are being
installed... did you get some feedback on your screen
or something? did you get a confirmation message that
the tool were installed ok?



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