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Re: VMWare tools on Fedora Core 5

William Lovaton wrote:
So you managed to install the tools? How did that go?
is it working good for you? did you see any indication
of the progress? I just see that g-v-m crashes but
other than that I don't see that VMWare tool are being
installed... did you get some feedback on your screen
or something? did you get a confirmation message that
the tool were installed ok?

You guys could try the latest vmware-any-any patches from http://ftp.cvut.cz/vmware/ to see if that solves your issues. Whatever issue could easily be related to selinux, gcc stack protection or some other thing and the any-any patches tries to take care of weird situation like this. That said, i did not try installing FC5test under VMware workstation.

The way to install tools in a linux guest, IMHO, is selecting "install vmware tools", mount the cd in the guest, untgz and build the tools. That should take care of the entire thing.

Hope this helps


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