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Re: VMWare tools on Fedora Core 5

Exactly, this is the case, Rawhide is the guest OS.  The Host is a
Fedora Core 3 system.

But I'm a little confused, some of you have been talking about that a CD
is necessary to configure the VMWare tools.  I just downloaded and
installed the RPM from the VMWare web site, in my case there is no CD.

And Paul mentioned something about vmware-config-tools.pl but I really
can't find it, it is not installed on my system.

As far as I can understand there is some kind of process (that I don't
know anything about) that needs to be done in the guess OS in order to
install the VMWare tools, can someone please enlighten me?



El sáb, 24-12-2005 a las 09:11 -0500, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams escribió:
> That's for when Fedora is the host. The situation described above is
> when Rawhide is the guest.
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