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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in


> On Ven 23 d├ęcembre 2005 19:13, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > Also, when was the last time that in a traditional closed software offer
> > you could see the source, make changes to it, submit the changes, and
> > get legal use out of your changes by using the next version of the
> > binary that gets released ?
> >
> > You're trying to paint it a lot more black and white than it is, I
> > think.
> This is a lot less exceptional than you think. Microsoft shared source
> program is pretty much the same thing.

Heh, you're showing your innate negativity too easily by comparing it to
this.  I'm pretty sure I can't look at Microsoft code for Windows *right
now*, and even if I could, I'm pretty sure I can't expect a fix I send
to be available any time soon.

> Here only upstream is allowed to release legit binaries, so you don't get
> the vendor freedom real FOSS permits.

You conveniently omitted the fact that I've mentioned before -
*everyone* downstream is free to sign this distribution contract with

> The point of pure FOSS distros like FC is they're not benevolent
> dictatorships. You don't like them you can leave them taking with you 100%
> of the code and associated rebuild rights.
> As you admitted yourself a Centos-like effort would have to drop the mp3
> plugin.

Again, you conveniently dropped half of what I said.  I also said Centos
could easily sign this contract with us and redistribute the mp3 plugin.
I am getting the feeling you are dropping facts on purpose.  I expected

>  So it's definitely not free (I'll grant you the open part)

We never claimed it was "Free Software".  Of course it's not 100% Free
Software in the sense that GNU would want it.  The reason is pretty
simple - within the constraints of the patent issue it is not possible
to deliver a completely Free Software solution.


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