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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in


> Rhythmbox uses gstreamer, it would be gstreamer that uses the plugin.
> Rhythmbox does not link against the plugin, does not require the plugin,
> etc. For that matter - neither does gstreamer.
> I don't think there would be a legal problem.
> If there was - can I use my X11 server which is MIT to display an emacs
> window? What about emacs opening an X11 window?

You're talking about something that is MIT vs. something that is GPL or
LGPL - I don't think your analogy would tell us anything.

But even if X11 would be GPL or LGPL - interaction with the X server is done
through the X protocol.  Interpretation of the "linking to" language in
GPL and LGPL varies, but most parties agree that it boils down to "does
the code at runtime execute in the same execution space".  In practice,
this means "dynamic or static linking".

So if X were GPL/LGPL, and you had a binary application talking to it,
that would be fine as long as the libX11 used to implement the protocol
is MIT or similar.

> I don't see a difference between that and rhythmbox using gstreamer
> (lgp) which talks to this plugin.

There really is.  If you are interested, read


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