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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in

Thomas Vander Stichele a écrit :

>>The point of pure FOSS distros like FC is they're not benevolent
>>dictatorships. You don't like them you can leave them taking with you 100%
>>of the code and associated rebuild rights.
>>As you admitted yourself a Centos-like effort would have to drop the mp3
> Again, you conveniently dropped half of what I said.  I also said Centos
> could easily sign this contract with us and redistribute the mp3 plugin.
> I am getting the feeling you are dropping facts on purpose.  I expected
> better.

What I'm pointing is you have a central choke point and rebuild rights
are not retransmitted as-is to downstream users, you can't even
workaround them (like for firefox) by dropping a few trademarks.

And I don't doubt you intend to be nice with your agreement, but hte
fact there *is* an agreement in any form is a show stopper

Nicolas Mailhot

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