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Re: Royalty free gstreamer plug-in


Do you mean the stance on providing only open source software without restrictions?

Yes. And that's not to say that I disagree with the stance. In fact, I
agree with it given that "restrictions" are well-defined.
Right. The restrictions are pretty well defined at this point. The project goals are well advertised and active on the lists I believe knows about it.

belligerent about looking into potential workarounds is not a show of
good faith. And, when you do not show good faith, you lose people.
Maybe you don't care; that's fine. But, it's good to be reminded that
the stances we take can and will alienate a bunch of people. It's the
truth whether you "much rather change the world instead of going along
with it" or not.

How is a Free and open source stance not showing good faith? . There are over seventy distributions based on Fedora. Its not religion or whims. Yes it will alienate a few proprietary software supporters who will have to get the software from elsewhere. What exactly is your solution that you are suggesting?. Vague notions dont help resolve anything.

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