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Re: OOo 2.0 with Bluecurve icon set

Igor Jagec wrote:
Is there any chance of seeing the Bluecurve icon set in the new OOo 2.0
in upcoming FC5? I don't like the default icon set very much, and the
Bluecurve icon set on OOo 1.1.x branch looked great. It would be very
nice to follow the tradition since RHEL5 will be based on FC5, AFAIK ;)

From my observation, the time remaining until FC5 makes this an unrealistic expectation, maybe FC6 can be a reasonable target.

OOo had a big change in the way it work with icons from 1.1.x to 2.x, so this is a big work. Also, consider the Bluecurve icon set in OOo 1.1.x was completed halfway (only the most used icons), with the rest of the icons being GNOME Industrial, this makes me doubt even FC6 as a realistic target unless this is identified as a major goal and serious efforts are allocated to it.

The good news is that someone inside Red Hat is working on freeing the icon sources, which will allow external contributors to participate in development (but this is not easy, do not expect something in the near future).

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