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Re: FC5 and Yum Plugins

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 11:50 -0500, Brian Long wrote:

> Nope.  I don't know that it's up to me or the Fedora project to contact
> each third-party repo maintainer when Fedora implements a change.  I'm
> asking Fedora to consider a change.

I agree.
If it messes up a third party repository, the third party repository can
instruct users to disable it if using the repository. That might clue
some users in that they really don't want to messing with third party
due to the implications (changing core packages) while allowing those
who do to alter the settings.

Replacing core rpm's with third party rpm's is not recommended imho.
In fact - I would even suggest protecting FC Extras (though perhaps not
by default).

That being said - I probably would disable the plugin (or make an
exception for a few packages) since I rebuild sox for mp3 support on my
boxes - but I think the default should be that users have to take a step
to disable protection, not take a step to enable protection.

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