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Re: Using yum to Update to Development

Andrew Stephen wrote:

I am trying to use yum to update one of my FC4 boxes to latest set of development packages. However it fails on a number of dependencies and I can't seem get around them even by installing them manually. Is there any documentation outlining the steps on upgrade from FC4 to the development packages. libssl.so.5 and libcrypto.so.5 seems causing most of the problems. --> Running transaction check
--> Processing Dependency: libssl.so.5 for package: proftpd
--> Processing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 for package: proftpd
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: libssl.so.5 is needed by package proftpd
Error: Missing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 is needed by package proftpd

Proftpd seems to be using older libs not available in the current development tree. yum remove proftpd and try again. Kindly post to fedora-test list for such questions in the future. Also see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/TestingGuide

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