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Re: OOo 2.0 with Bluecurve icon set

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
If the iconset is not complete, maybe it would be a good idea for redhat to donate them as a contribution to the tango-project?

I do think those are not be useful for Tango: they have different guidelines, different color palette, different drawing style.

There many eyes may be able to complete the set, and allow it for use across many desktops?

Is Tango something more than a Novell only project? I am not aware of an "official" position of Fedora regarding Tango.

(having a look at the Tango-project, I think some icons there are fugly. Hopefully as a bi-product, those would be replaced by the better ones in the bluecurve set... All icons there seem to be head-on, with the light source directly above, so that may clash...)

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