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Re: FC5 and Yum Plugins

On Thursday 29 December 2005 20:53, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> >And generate more support issues with the 3rd party repos. Yum is
> >already creating support headaches with the --enable=foo switch, and
> >having this being the default will not make it easier on us.
> >
> >Do you want 3rd parties to support Fedora Core? Then consider whether
> >you want to make is easier or more difficult for those repositores to
> >operate properly.
> I dont use them so I am neutral on that. Only talking about users here.

I'm in the position of being both a user and a contributor to one of said 
3rd-party repositories[1]. I definitely still want to support Fedora Core.

> >And don't forget: We're talking about fixing something that isn't
> >broken ...
> Getting bug reports based on packages being replaced isnt exactly a non
> issue.

Axel, I have to agree with Rahul here. While it isn't "broken", per se, its 
definitely an issue. There are quite a few people who are rather adverse to 
the way ATrpms, if enabled in full, replaces core packages, but still want to 
use a number of ATrpms packages. I know that (at least most of ;) the reasons 
for ATrpms replacing core packages are pure, at least from ATrpms' point of 
view, but there's something to be said for only upgrading what *must* be 
upgraded to add a new program.

I think the majority of users who complain about ATrpms replacing core 
packages are what I'd call power-users, who are bright enough to enable 
protectbase for themselves, so protectbase off by default sounds reasonable 
to me. I think it gives those power-users what they want, and minimizes 
headaches for 3rd-party repo maintainers from sheeple who just want an mp3 
player (or mythtv ;).

[1] Disclaimer: I do a bit of packaging work for ATrpms.

Jarod Wilson
jarod wilsonet com

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