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Re: FC5 and Yum Plugins

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 01:17 -0800, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Whoops, misread what Thorsten said, I think. I don't think he was advocating 
> for mythtv into Extras, he was talking about putting it into another repo. 
> What's wrong with the ATrpms version? Is it simply a matter of principle that 
> people refuse to use the ATrpms package(s), since ATrpms can/does override 
> core packages? A protectbase option seems like an idea solution for that, so 
> why dismiss it w/"use a repo that doesn't override"...

The question is, what good is this plugin doing?  If you enable a 3rd
party repo, to get something like MythTV, you'll need to get the deps.
If the deps happen to replace core/extras packages, then they do.  They
are necessary for the software you are asking to install.  So you're
going to override it to install your software.  This is in the install
context.  In the update context, then sure if the 3rd party repo nvr for
a package is higher than the nvr for the core/extras package then this
plugin might be useful to ignore that, unless ignoring would break deps
with something like MythTV.  Seems to me that there should be a
different method than just protecting core/extras.  Seems the
'protection' should be based around replacing for no other reason than
nvr comparison.  If the replacement is pulled in for an honest dep
satisfaction, rather than just a higher nvr comparison, then it should
be allowed.  Otherwise prompt user or block.  This keeps 3rd party repos
working properly and keeps users systems as close to strict core/extras
as possible w/out breaking user installed software.

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