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Re: FC5 and Yum Plugins

I have not used the protectbase plugin, so have a few practical questions which need to be answered even before it should be added as off by default:

1. If a package moves from a protected Core to a protected Extras, would yum function still update?
2. Vice versa?
3. If a package is dropped by fedora, and is picked up by a third party, will it update?
4.If a new package is added in extras/core that was originally in an unprotected 3rd arty repo, will it update from the 3rd party repo, or from extras/core?

I would assume the plugin will break 1 and 2, but allow 4.

I am not sure how 3 would work (yum does not store where the poackages were installed from. I assume it uses the lates metadata to 'guess' the repo? so if it is no longer listed by any of the fedora repo's, it may assume it was 3rd party all along? or does it use signatures?)

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