radical suggestion for fc4 release

Dariusz J. Garbowski thuforuk at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 1 00:19:57 UTC 2005

On 01/31/2005 10:43 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> Jeff Johnson wrote:
>> seth vidal wrote:

>>> how about if we kill all rpm spec file changelog entries OLDER than 2
>>> years.
>>> they'll still live on in older srpms and rpms but it'd be a useful
>>> reduction and it would make the specfiles that much smaller, along with
>>> the rpm headers.
>> +1
> In fact, it's silly to carry changelogs in packages, since packaging 
> changes are
> far more easily read from e-mail, or from a web-site, or just about any 
> other
> way than
>    rpm -q --changelog pkg

Hmmm... I must be different then ;-)

Seriously, recently I used this command to find out whhat's changed in 
NetworkManager when apt decided to grab bind with it.

[And that was also when I decided to 'rpm -e NetworkManager' and manage 
my net manually (it's simple enough: no wireless, no 
plugging/unplugging, just two ethernet cards and dhcp).]

> With no offense whatsoever to anyone, I humbly submit that the comments in
> the changelog are of rather limited use to any non-redhat developer, and 
> are
> totally useless to any end-user.

Well, I consider myself mostly end-user...

> So perhaps changelogs should be nuked entirely, and handled ouside of
> package content, instead.

Perhaps. Just a note that it *may* sometimes be useful even to end-user.


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