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Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at
Tue Feb 1 00:51:08 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 23:09 +0100, Enrico Scholz wrote:
> rc040203 at (Ralf Corsepius) writes:
> > This renders "apt-get source" and "apt-get build-dep" non-applicable
> > to hosted apt-repositories and therefore voids at least
> > these aspects where apt is superior to yum.
> Although I love apt for its powerful configuration, I have to admit that
> 'apt-get build-dep' is not very usefully in the rpm-world:
> * it detects only the requirements which were used to build the src.rpm,
>   but not the deps which will be required
True, but ???

apt-get build-deps is useful for chasing bugs in rpms, e.g. when  having
notices something suspicious when using a binary rpm and trying to fix
the cause.

Typical scenario:
1. Use a binary rpm, notice a problem.
2. su; apt-get build-dep <package>
3. apt-get source <package>
4. rpm -U <package>.src.rpm
5. edit <package>.spec|<package>
6. rpmbuild -ba <package>

Edit and rebuild the package. As run-time deps of the binary rpm and
build-time deps of the package do not necessarily have to match, this is
very convenient.

> * extending functionality is a non-trivial task, a the dep-resolving
>   should happen as non-root while the final package removal/installation
>   must happen as root
Also true, but ... using a simple chroot is sufficient for the case


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