radical suggestion for fc4 release

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Feb 1 05:12:12 UTC 2005

> > other.xml.gz is all changelog information right now.
> Right.  Because this info is in the rpms and the srpms headers.  If it
> was removed from them, as suggested in the e-mail upthread I responded
> to, even in the portion I quoted in my e-mail, createrepo would need
> changes to get the data from elsewhere.
> /me hands seth a pair of glasses :-)

I must have misread then. I thought you were saying the opposite. Sorry
about that.

But we're going to have to start dealing with metadata that doesn't
exist in the package header soon, anyway.

we need to store all sorts of stuff in the metadata, actually. For
 - security alert information
 - urls of CVE notices
 - maybe relationships of packages or sets, etc.

so createrepo is going to have to learn how to get information from
other places.


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