Building subversion javahl bindings

Anthony Green green at
Tue Feb 1 16:42:39 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 11:39 -0200, Pedro Lamarão wrote:
> I've got this patch to subversion.spec that allows optional building of 
> javahl bindings with a variable-specified JDK path.
> I've built it as I need Subclipse to work.
> What do you all think?

I modified this patch to build javahl unconditionally with java-gcj-

I hit a couple of stumbling blocks.  I think fitzsim is fixing one of
them in java-gcj-compat (symlinking GCC's jni.h into java-gcj-compat's
JAVA_HOME), and this one in gcjh:

Otherwise, it builds just fine.  Hopefully both of these will be taken
care of in short order.


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