radical suggestion for fc4 release

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Feb 1 19:33:08 UTC 2005

> Meet you in the server room where outbound access is disabled for
> security reasons and cvs is not installed on fileservers anyway.
> Stop thinking like a developer with full software support infrastructure
> and net access. Field people rely on simple console text editors for a
> reason - shit happens, and complex systems fail more often than simple
> ones. Just assume no convenience will be available and you're be not far
> from the reality you have today in countless enterprise or home
> premises.
> %changelog is perfectly adapted to rpm usage. This is not one of the
> "features" like rpm groups no one ever found a serious use for.

I'm not talking about removing ALL of them. Just the REALLY old ones.

tell me - when was the last time you needed, in your server room, to
know what changes were made in 1998 to a package?


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