radical suggestion for fc4 release

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Feb 1 20:04:55 UTC 2005

> > I'm not talking about removing ALL of them. Just the REALLY old ones.
> > 
> > tell me - when was the last time you needed, in your server room, to
> > know what changes were made in 1998 to a package?
> 2000/2001 ?

Right! But look what year it is now.

I'm talking about deleting changelog entries OLDER than a certain point.

> Really, this is very package dependent - some subsystems are very tied
> to a particular distribution release (because they depend on very
> specific features), others packages can happily be dropped in 5-years-
> old systems after just a rebuild.

then like owen suggested: how about the most recent year or the last 10,
whichever is more?

> As a matter of fact, since a RHEL lifetime is 5 years truncating
> anything older than that would probably be ok. But there *will* be
> people who install a first-gen RHEL2.1 (because that's the version their
> OS dpt validated) near RHEL2.1 end-of-life who'll then update it
> partially or completely to the latest updates. So in some cases, 5y is a
> reasonable minimum.

This is not a discussion of rhel.

this is fedora-devel-list.


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