radical suggestion for fc4 release

Paul Iadonisi pri.rhl3 at iadonisi.to
Tue Feb 1 20:38:17 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 15:15 -0500, Eric S. Raymond wrote:


> > Processors are not speeding up at all, to a first approximation.
> > Haven't you noticed?  Moore's law stopped operating about two years ago.
> Pedantry...
> Yes, speed increases in single processors have stalled.  Which is why
> there are a lot more SMP and multicore systems deployed now.  Clocks
> per dollar seems to be continuing to rise on a roughly 2^n curve, even
> though clocks per processor aren't.


  Unless rpm and yum are multi-threaded, this makes little difference.
Are they?  Seth?  Jeff?

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