radical suggestion for fc4 release

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Feb 2 04:56:57 UTC 2005

> Except that where does the changelog info get into the metadata? The
> packages, so if the info is removed from the packages... oops. :) Of
> course the changelog metada could be generated from cvs or such.

Details! :)

But to be clear, getting the changelog  and other metadata from non-pkg
sources is probably going to have to happen.

> Oh well, since you advertised it publically I guess I could just as well
> make the blasted thing available finally :) It haven't touched it in
> quite a while but what little is there seems to still work:
> http://laiskiainen.org/repoquery/repoquery.py
> Note that you need to run "yum makecache" first for it to work (and
> without that you'd grow old waiting anyway)

it's only a year and a day you'd have to wait.

sheesh, you act like that's a long time :)


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