Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Feb 2 14:50:06 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:01:14 +0100, Felipe Alfaro Solana
<felipe_alfaro at> wrote:
> Why a master printer list would ever be needed? CUPS support automatic
> printer advertising, so I don't understand the need of a master printer
> list.

On a tightly controlled network.. where linux is officially
supported... the advertising mechanism as implemented now in fedora
probably works rather well.

On less centralized networks (some universities or research
facilities.. places where small groups self-manage their own computing
infrastructure inside an encompassing facility network).. or where
linux isn't officially supported by the central IT department but is
tolerated so long as its not interfering with the windows machines,
simple application of cups advertising mechanism can be somewhat
problematic.  Without some sort of mechanism to whitelist/blacklist 
good/bad cups printer servers that are detectable you can end up with
a lot of clutter from other linux boxes that are being user admined on
the network which are advertising 'rogue' printers.

Maybe Arjan  was talking about a central master list approach as a
mechanism to address this sort of issue.

-jef"then again maybe not"spaleta

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