Change to bzip2?

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Wed Feb 2 16:57:46 UTC 2005

Paul Iadonisi wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 11:20 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
>>And it also makes little sense to bzip tarballs that end up in gzipped 
>>payloads imho.
>  Which begs the question ... why has Red Hat (at least in some cases,
>historically), veered (admittedly only slightly) from the pristine
>source principle by uncompressing gzipped tarballs and recompressing
>them with bzip2 only to stuff them in into an rpm if rpm uses gzip?

Well that's a different qestion.

At the end of a release, there is invariably a fire drill to attempt
to fit on one fewer CD's.

Part of the exercise usually results in tarballs within *.src.rpm's 
being recompressed
to save space. Not that it saves much, nor ar *.src.rpm's usually part 
of the primary

Certainly the contents are not changed. All depends on whether you consider
recomprssing a modification to "pristine sources".

73 de Jeff

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