Change to bzip2?

Steve G linux_4ever at
Wed Feb 2 17:05:14 UTC 2005

>Now try to get the -9 changed in rpm.


@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@

 # Compress man pages
-COMPRESS="gzip -9 -n"
+COMPRESS="bzip2 -9 -n"

>And it also makes little sense to bzip tarballs that end up in 
>gzipped payloads imho.

It does when you realize that loading a man page is milliseconds slower to bring
up using bzip2. And downloading updates via a modem can be 10's of minutes faster
when they are compressed with bzip2. Compare the size of virtually any tarball:
kde, kernel, open office, tetex, .... You can fit more packages on an iso CD,

Looking through the bzip2 source code, it looks like its been optimized pretty
well. But, there is a little room for improvement - even in C and no assembler
has been added.

-Steve Grubb

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