radical suggestion for fc4 release

Nils Philippsen nphilipp at redhat.com
Wed Feb 2 21:57:32 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 16:24 -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> Nils Philippsen wrote:
> >On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 15:13 +0100, Florian La Roche wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>>Then the question is: why is the same changelog, i.e. the changelog of
> >>>sub packages with the same source package, stored for each package
> >>>individually? It could be stored once and be referenced from each sub
> >>>package. It gets deleted once all references on it vanish.
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>People might be able to install only one of the sub-packages.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Um, I expressed myself not clearly. Of course the package files all
> >contain the changelog, the normalization would only happen on the RPM DB
> >level.
> >
> Which cannot happen, because immutable header regions contain changelogs,
> and the blob is signature and/or digest verified.

I'm fully aware of that this would need serious work and likely
incompatible changes to the RPM DB. You can easily reconstruct that
single blob as it is now from a split header + changelog and verify the
resulting blob against the signature/digest.

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