ntpd startup too early + hangs

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Thu Feb 3 16:09:33 UTC 2005

--On Thursday, February 03, 2005 4:58 PM +0100 Ralf Ertzinger 
<fedora-devel at camperquake.de> wrote:

> OK, since postfix was mentioned earlier as aservice which would need this
> (binding to interfaces): changing the postfix config from "listen only
> on localhost" (similar to what sendmail does in it's default config)
> to "listen on an external network interface" would change it's dependency:
> in the first case it does not care about external networks (localhost is
> always available), in the second case it does.
> How is this supposed to be managed?

This is going to be true of a lot of system services that pre-date the 
hot-plug paradigm and don't respond dynamically to changing prerequisites. 
BIND has the same issue. My guess is that until those services become 
hot-plug-aware, they'll have to be restarted with different configurations 
for each possible environment. That's yet another reason a clean generic 
solution isn't possible to retrofit non-intrusively.

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